How do you keep raccoons off your roof?


Yes, raccoons can be cute, but seeing a raccoon on your roof can be a very bad sign for you as a home owner. There are many nooks and crannies on a roof – in or soffit, or even under an eaves trough – that a family of raccoon’s would be happy to nest in. Some people might not consider this a big deal, but this is only the start to a potentially very damaging and dangerous problem.

Raccoons have a very keen sense of smell. This allows them to quickly locate any damp or rotting wood in the infrastructure of your home. These destructive critters will then rip up shingles, dig, and chew until they are able to gain access into your attic. If you know that raccoons have already entered your home, please read HELP! THERE’S A RACCOON IN MY ATTIC! to get more specific information.

Top five reasons why a raccoon on your roof is an urgent matter:

  1. They carry many diseases and parasites that can be harmful to you and your family
  2. They can cause extreme damage to the infrastructure of your home
  3. Their latrine site (bathroom) can harbour very strong smells , bacteria, and feces-borne parasitic eggs that can become air-borne and enter our respiratory system
  4. If left unnoticed, even a small hole created by a raccoon can cause a leak or flood leading to extremely costly repairs
  5. They can cause destruction to electrical wiring which could result in a short circuit or even a house fire

Preventative measures:

  1. Ensure your roof is in good repair
  2. Have a professional inspect your roof for possible entry points
  3. Ensure there are no tree branches hanging over your roof (this allows easy access for raccoons)


Raccoon Removal

We can execute Live Trapping, Physical Capture, Shooting, Relocation, and Permanent Removal.

If you would like to learn more about these techniques please see Animal Wildlife Control Services & Solutions.

Our team consists of professionally licensed wildlife trappers who can provide both clean-up /disinfection as well as a permanent solution to your problem.

Raccoon damage is no joke - PLEASE CONTACT US - we will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide a personalized solution to your problem.





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