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Do you have a raccoon problem? If so, you are not alone—raccoons are notoriously clever and agile creatures who can quickly make their way into seemingly inaccessible areas of your home. Whether it’s the roof or a window that has been left open, they know how to get in.

But instead of resigning yourself to months of trying to remove them after they already got access, why not focus on preventing them from entering in the first place? In this blog post, we'll be going over some effective ways for you to raccoon-proof your home and keep those pesky critters out for good.

raccoon proof your home

7 Common Ways to Raccoon-Proof Your Home

For obvious reasons, it is important to ensure your home is free from various types of wildlife. There may be both hidden and evident conditions that could be attracting raccoons to your home. Protect your property and the safety of your family by taking preventative measures and raccoon-proofing your home. Here are some tips:


Seal Any Access Points to Your Home 

Raccoons will find any weaknesses in a home and exploit them. For this reason, it is crucial to locate and close any access points along the foundation, walls, windows, doorways, and roof. Steel netting, wooden boards, and wire mesh can be used to block any openings.

Cover All Water Sources

In addition to food, raccoons search for sources of water and are attracted to puddles, swimming pools, bird baths, and ponds. Take the initiative to cover all water sources with properly sealed covers and empty any bottles or containers that collect water.

Ensure Your Garbage Cans Are Sealed Tight 

One major way you can raccoon-proof your home is to ensure all garbage cans and containers are tightly sealed. As raccoons are intelligent critters and have been known to open raccoon-proof seals, it may help to keep all garbage bags and cans in a secured shed or garage until garbage collection day.

Do Not Leave Pet Food Outside Overnight 

Raccoons can be as cute as your family cat or dog, but they will fight for whatever food they can access. To prevent these nocturnal creatures from feasting on outside pet food, store dishes, water, and food in the house overnight.

Bring Bird Feeders Inside at Night 

Bring bird feeders inside each night as soon as the birds have finished eating and leave them outdoors during the day. Raccoons are particularly attracted to these treats, and it's better for them not to have easy access in the first place.

Keep Gardens and Fruit Trees Fenced Off 

Fruit trees and vegetable gardens are a wonderful addition to any residential property. Aside from being an environmentally friendly source of food, they also provide an abundant source of non-stop nourishment for animals—especially raccoons. Installing fencing around these areas can help prevent raccoons from invading your gardens and stealing fruit and vegetables.

Keep Your Yard Clean 

It is imperative to keep a clean and tidy yard to prevent attracting raccoons to the property. Food sources and wrappings, vegetable gardens, and fallen fruit can act as an invitation for the critters to settle into a home or yard.

4 Professional Ways to Raccoon-Proof Your Home 

Rely on the skills of a professional raccoon removal company in Toronto to help prevent the critters from using your home as their base. Those in the trade understand and know the habits and behaviours of raccoons and can better install preventative measures.

Soffit Raccoon Proofing 

The soffit of a home runs along the underside of the eaves and overhang. As it is usually designed with materials such as vinyl or thin aluminium, it proves easy access into your home for pests, especially raccoons. To prevent wildlife from damaging or removing your soffit, a piece of hardwood can be placed under the soffit for security.

Roof Vent Protection

Upon the roof is a ventilation system that is designed with various openings. As most systems are built with basic screens to deter animals from entering the rooftop, many are no match for the strength and persistence of raccoons. A secure wire mesh and/or steel caging can help stop further damage.

Roof Edges

Along the roof of a house, even the smallest hole or gap can allow raccoons to sneak inside. The edge is one of the most susceptible spots for raccoons to enter. Near the eaves, moisture can build, weakening the structure which leads to easy access for raccoons’ claws and teeth. The edges of the roof can be secured with covers, plywood, and wire mesh to prevent all animals from entering.

Install Chimney Caps 

One of the most common spaces raccoons (and other wildlife) use for shelter is the chimney of a home. It provides shelter from the weather elements and is a great hiding place from predators. Having a chimney cap installed can prohibit animals from crawling down the chute to build a nest. The cap does not impede use of the fireplace or stove.

Contact Hawkeye for Raccoon Removal in Toronto 

Raccoon removal in Toronto can be permanent with the assistance of Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control. Our highly qualified and licensed team have the resources and knowledge to remove raccoons safely and effectively from your property.

We are the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Canada designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional" AND hold the following licenses: Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit, Falconry Permit, and Pest Control License.

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