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Raccoons are resourceful and skilled creatures. They are attracted to urban neighbourhoods as there is always food, shelter, and water nearby. Unfortunately, this can mean trouble for homeowners as well as business owners. If raccoons are congregating around your garden, or you notice signs of damage from these animals, you should seek immediate help. Our professionals are equipped and experienced to deal with your pest wildlife problems and will help prevent wildlife from causing trouble around your property.

Hawkeye’s Raccoon Control and Prevention from Gardens

If raccoons are frequenting you property or have begun making a den in your shed or near your garden, you should contact our professionals immediately. We will use a variety of methods to passively and actively get them away from your property, and if there is a recurring problem, we will install protective mesh to keep them out of spaces that are ideal for making their homes in.

Signs That Raccoons Are Active in Your Garden

You will know that you have raccoons active in your garden if you see paw tracks (five toes), fecal droppings, scratches on fences and trees, looted trash, missing vegetables, and disturbed garbage cans. Raccoons will eat almost anything and will rummage through food garbage tins, cans, boxes, and plastic to find something to eat. Since your garden is a buffet of plants and vegetables, they will likely seek out whatever is available and growing. They tend to enjoy apples, pears, peaches, sweet corn, potatoes, and peas.

How to Prevent Raccoons Entering Your Garden

Here are a few tips to prevent raccoons from being attracted to your garden:

  • Seal your garbage cans tightly (purchase options with good locks) and wash spills often with bleach and water or find a personal solution at https://binsolutions.ca 
  • Remove any outdoor food sources such as bird feeders or containers with pet food
  • Trim trees that hang over your roof so that raccoons cannot jump onto it
  • Keep your roof in good repair to reduce the chances that raccoons will be able to tear away at shingles and climb into your attic
  • Ensure the base of decks, sheds, and porches are properly enclosed
  • Never feed raccoons or keep them as pets (it is illegal)

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Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control can help you if you need solutions to your residential or commercial raccoon problems. Hawkeye is a bird and animal control company that services residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the Greater Toronto Area, Golden Horseshoe, and many parts of Florida. 

We provide animal and bird control and offer falconry experiences, and we also provide balcony cleaning, netting, and exclusion. We are the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in the country designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional" and we hold the following licenses: Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit, Falconry Permit, and Pest Control License.

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