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Dan Frankian is an accomplished falconer, using his skills to provide a natural alternative to chemical and product driven Bird, Animal, and Pest Control in the Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Area... Read more »

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Bird strikes are no joke. There are almost 15,000 airplane bird strikes reported nationally in the United Sates each year, and millions of dollars worth of damage as well.

But Salt Lake City International Airport has been having a seemingly hard go at aviation control with over 280 collisions this past year, resulting in over 600,000 worth of damage, despite all their hard efforts. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set forth a new proposal to expand the boundary that is required for major airports to perform wildlife control from 2 miles up to 5 miles. This proposition poses quite a few issues for Salt Lake City International Airport. Not only does this proposal include the new boundary requirements, but there are also restrictions on what this 5 mile radius can include. These restrictions mention waste management facilities, any wetland that could be inviting to waterfowl, golf courses, and many other locations as well. If the FAA decides that any of these areas are creating an influx of birds at the major airports, federal funding will be cut off completely for that facility.

The main issue faced by Salt Lake City is that all of the surrounding area of their airport is prime habitat for many different types of birds including song birds, waterfowl, birds of prey, pigeons, and doves. Within the past 2 months, this airport has reported that they scared off over 1000 different birds including geese, ducks, and gulls, but this doesn’t seem to be preventing bird strikes. Even though they have been doing everything they can to scare off or catch and release birds that are invading their airspace, FAA officials say that airports are not investing enough into wildlife management. If this bill passes, the future of Salt Lake City may include many restrictions in regards to building operations and retention pond locations. Salt Lake City has even halted production of a new jail facility because the wildlife at this location is now relocating to the airport.

Birds can become a real nuisance in terms of everyday operations for many commercial and industrial companies. At Hawkeye Bird and Animal control, our technicians are knowledgeable about birds, their populations, habitats, and tendencies. With communications and permits obtained by Environment Canada, we can ensure that your problems can be solved while keeping wildlife management at the forefront. Using birds of prey and other scare tactics and deterrents, our trained falconers can provide you with the perfect solution to your wildlife control problem. If you are experiencing a bird control issue or would just like to inquire about our services, please visit the contact us section of the website and we would be happy to provide you with a customized solution.


Hawkeye is the ONLY Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area licensed Pest Bird Control Specialist offering PERMANENT REMOVAL & GUARANTEED RESULTS. We are uniquely qualified under permits and licenses to PERMANENTLY REMOVE AND CONTROL pest birds such as pigeons, seagulls, geese, starlings, and swallows using a variety of methods including Birds of Prey.  Additionally, we offer cleaning and disinfecting of affected areas and facilitate the future exclusion of birds.

Now with 7 Locations ( 6 In Canada and 1 in the U.S), we are ready to serve you better in Acton,  Toronto, Oshawa,  Bowmanville,  two locations in Mississauga and West Palm Beach in Florida.

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Pest Birds such as Cormorants, Crows, Ducks, Doves, Geese, Grackels, Seagulls, Pigeons, Robins, Sparrows and Starlings.


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