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pest bird control grackleThese large iridescent blackbirds are one of the most abundant breeding birds in North America. They will nest in dense colonies with as many as 10 to 30 pairs. Common Grackles, along with many other bird species, have a magnetic mineral called magnetite in their heads, beaks, and necks. This mineral allows them to use the earth's geomagnetic fields as a navigation tool.

Their diet varies widely; from insects and small rodents to vegetables and berries. Grackels are also fierce parents and may become extremely nest aggressive and known to attack humans, should someone venture too close to their nests.

Removal / Control

Removal of Grackles is most successful when employing Falconry using live Birds of Prey in conjuctions with Pyro Technics, and/or Capture Netting™. Waking, Exclusion, and Trapping are also common methods of dealing with this bird.

Grackel Damage

Grackels are a fairly serious issue for agriculture and farming, especially between late summer and late fall. Grackles are prolific consumers of any and all grains, berries, and especially pose a threat to Canada's vineyards. Late harvest grapes used in Niagara region ice wine are a particular favorite. 



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