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Raccoon removal in Toronto is becoming one of the most common online searches. Raccoons are mostly nocturnal creatures that like to make their homes in dark, warm, and cozy spaces, which often means they are attracted to sheds, garages, and attics.

Sure, these masked bandits may be cute, but they can be destructive and dangerous to household pets and children.


what attracts a raccoon to your home


What Attracts Raccoons to My House? 

As the urban population grows and developments push into their natural habitat, these four-legged creatures move closer to food sources, mainly your trash bin. Below are a few factors that might be attracting raccoons to your property. Also, check out our quick check list for keeping raccoons at bay »

Pet Food

Raccoons seek two things: shelter and food. Many homeowners have pet food such as bird seed or cat and dog food on their porches and decks. If you regularly leave food out for your pets, the smell might be luring the raccoons to your yard and providing a year-round source of nourishment.

Loose Food

Properties with fruit and nut trees become a haven for raccoons as the loose fruit falls to the ground. In addition, during the summer, you may leave scraps of food in the grass and bushes after a barbeques or backyard parties. If food is there, raccoons will find it.

Water Sources

Having water bowls outside on the deck or in the yard for birds, cats, and dogs is a magnet for raccoons. Raccoons need water to survive and they have a habitual need to wash their food. This can cause confrontations with pets and humans on your property.

Unsealed or Open Trash Bins

Raccoons are notorious for knocking over garbage bins and making a mess. Unsealed bags provide an easy score for the “trash pandas”. With their dexterity, raccoons can even open tightly closed bins and containers.


Unlit pathways and yards appeal to these nocturnal creatures. Darkness allows raccoons to roam freely without being detected. That being said, raccoons can often be seen during daylight hours as they forage for food or move to a new location.

Unsecured Compost Piles

A compost pile on your property is an invitation for raccoons to forage your yard. It may be beneficial to the environment but to a raccoon, it’s Christmas morning. The best way to keep raccoons out of your green bin and compost is to store it inside as much as possible.

Unsecured Chicken Coops

With food prices on the rise, many homeowners have erected chicken coops where permitted. The danger in this scenario is the draw of eggs and feed to raccoons. Using their rugged nails and teeth, raccoons can easily break into chicken wire.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable gardens and potted veggies are constantly under attack by wildlife, mainly raccoons. Raw vegetables can be a regular source of food that will feed a family of raccoons all season. Gardens are a labour of love and hard work, but it only takes minutes for one raccoon to destroy it.

Opened Stacks of Wood

If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, you need to monitor your outdoor wood piles for raccoon dens. Seasoned wood requires sunlight which creates a warm dark place for creatures to hide and nest.


Where Can Raccoons Enter My Home?

Raccoons are resourceful creatures and they can make a den just about anywhere in your house. If you think you might have raccoons in your home, call a professional raccoon removal company. Never try to remove them on your own. Raccoons can carry rabies and other diseases and parasites that could seriously harm you and your family.


One of the most common wildlife removal calls is for raccoon removal from an attic. An attic window with a wooden vent cover or small cracks along the framework provides an opening for raccoons. With large front nails, these critters can shimmy up an outside wall to reach any opening.


Your chimney is a great avenue for wildlife to enter your home. From the top, this structure offers darkness and a protective shelter for raccoons once they reach the top of the damper. Mother raccoons will seek access at the bottom of the chimney to birth and nurse her babies. 

Roof Vents

For proper ventilation, all houses have roof vents to promote air circulation. These same vents are an open door to a raccoon, even the ones with plastic or aluminium covers. On cold nights, the warm air attracts the raccoons and they may tear open your roof` vents to gain access to your attic.

Pet Door

Obviously, raccoons have little fear and when they smell food, there isn’t much you can do to stop them from attempting to get it. Pet doors make it easy for raccoons to enter your home. Once inside, raccoons will cause havoc and destruction as they attempt to build their dens and scourge for food sources.

Nearby Trees

In a city, any tree can become a haven for a family of raccoons. Trees provide shade, shelter, and a place to stalk their prey. Raccoons will also use trees close to a house to gain access to the roof and attic.

Open Windows and Framing

Ensure your windows and casings are secured and closed. A raccoon only needs to track the smell of food through an opened window to devise a plan to gain entry.


Why Should I Hire Hawkeye for Raccoon Removal in Toronto?

If you are concerned about raccoons invading your property, or find a dead raccoon, call Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control.

We’re committed to providing high-quality and sustainable raccoon control, removal, and prevention solutions that are in full compliance with Ontario wildlife protection regulations. Our handlers receive ongoing and updated training in safely and humanely interacting with raccoons to ensure the animals’ well-being and ethical treatment. We are the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in the country designated “Certified Wildlife Control Professionals” and holding licenses for falconry, trapping, pest control, and shooting in sensitive environments.

To book our raccoon control and removal services, contact us today!



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