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How Do I Keep Seagulls off My Pier?

When it comes to how to get rid of seagulls on a pier, you’ll need a professional service like Hawkeye to handle your bird control solutions.

1. Falconry

Yes, we said it: falconry. This age-old practice of hunting with birds of prey is actually the best seagull control solution. It’s an environmentally friendly, humane, and effective way to impact the behaviour of flocks of seagulls and other pest birds on a pier or anywhere else where seagulls nest. Falconry is a quick and long-lasting natural scare tactic; but you need someone with a permit to carry out this strategy.

2. Bird-Shock Flex-Track

The Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a low-profile electrical ledge deterrent system that can be placed by Hawkeye in pier areas that aren’t accessible to pedestrians, such as ledges and beams. They emit an intermittent shock designed to frighten seagulls away without injuring them.

3. Netting Solutions

Seagulls are a familiar sight in many parts of North America, especially if you live or operate a business or commercial property near a body of water.

While they may remind you of a fun day by the beach, seagulls can also become true pests in recreational, commercial, and industrial areas. But due to the close proximity of water, flocks of gulls can be a particular issue at piers.

Piers, whether used as a landing or loading location for passenger or cargo ships, as a walkway by the water, as an entertainment space, or for fishing, can easily become a target for pest birds like seagulls.

Seagulls are attracted to piers because they are  a convenient landing, roosting, and congregating place close by the water. Once these seabirds have found a desirable spot, they’ll keep coming back…and bringing more of their kind with them.

Nearby food sources make your pier even more desirable. Seagulls can catch their own fish off of the pier or feed on dead fish washed up on the shore or left by fishermen. Seagulls will also scavenge food waste and garbage , especially if the pier is a popular recreational or tourist destination.

The problem is that seagulls leave droppings behind them that are a health hazard and are destructive to a variety of materials due to their acidic content. Not to mention, they’re unsightly on any commercial or recreational property.

Gulls can also be aggressive towards humans and create a loud, often disturbing sound, when in large groups. If seagulls decide to use your pier for a nesting area, they can also create a fire hazard and promote the growth of mould on your pier structures.


Hawkeye’s Seagull & Bird Control Solutions

No matter where your seagull problem, Hawkeye has a customized solution that is just right for you. Using Falconry, Pyrotechnics, Deterrents, or a combination of techniques we can provide an effective and humane solution to your problem.

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control is a Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP) company with a falconry permit. We offer seagull control solutions to residential, commercial, industrial properties and piers in the Greater Toronto Area, Golden Horseshoe, and many parts of Florida. Our bird control solutions include birds of prey, netting, and Bird-Shock Flex-Track, among other deterrent methods.

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We are here to help you deal with Pest Bird Control and avoid potential health hazards, costly damage to property, and loss of product and/or productivity (especially in the food and healthcare sectors) if pest birds are not addressed immediately.


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