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Seagull and other bird infestation is of significant concern for harbours and marinas with boat slips, docks, and millions of dollars worth of yachts, charters, cruise ships, and equipment. 

Industries like tourism and commercial deep sea fishing are greatly impacted by the effects of large flocks of pest birds hanging around and defecating on property and machinery. In addition to the usual health hazards, bird and animal/reptile feces around water presents additional risk of accidents and injury due to its slippery nature. Tourists, clients, employees, and boaters must contend with these risks, as well as the potential damage to property and costly cleanup.

Low end or half measures seldom yield success - and certainly not over a prolonged period of time. The city of Tampa has been fighting a losing battle against seagulls at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park - impacting not only boat slips, but event space and the grounds overall. Visual deterrents proved ineffective against the seagulls and visitors to the River Center report the costly audio deterrents to be highly disruptive to human activity.

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