Bird Control at Palm Beach International Airport

Hawkeye is the leading Bird & Animal Control company dealing with airports in North America. We now look after bird control at Palm Beach International airport, assessing and resolving bird hazards to more than 6.5 million passengers and over 200 aircraft arriving/departing daily. Master falconer Dan Frankian: "Our birds of prey have proven to be extremely effective in keeping pest birds away and out of the skies over air fields."

Identifying the problem

  • How significant is the problem? 
  • When and where does the problem occur?

Developing a customized solution

  • Assess bird or animal hazards to aircraft
  • Determine the effects of airport development on wildlife
  • Work with other disciplines to complete environmental impact assessment
  • Determine the nuisance attraction of wildlife


Understanding the Landfill Connection

With over half a dozen waste management facilities located near Palm Beach International Airport, landfill risk assessment is the key to successful problem resolution. Our vast experience with both airports and landfills lets us remedy the situation by means of bird or animal control, removal, repellents, and/or barriers. Proper Control Activities are critical to successful control. Most ineffective programs are the result of improper application of control methods.

Environmental Impact Assessment
Despite the best site and design process, impacts from the construction and operation of airports and landfills are unavoidable. There are many issues that need to be addressed in addition to bird or wildlife hazards, such as noise, land and water contamination, traffic volumes, and other social and environmental issues.



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