Virtually all of Hawkeye's Bird Control services offered in Canada are now available in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, Florida as well.

We may be new to South Florida, but we have been successfully looking after bird and animal control issues for residential and commercial clients since 1985.

Hawkeye falconer

With its close proximity to numerous lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, segulls are the most common and troublesome pest bird. When Master Falconer Dan Frankian flies his birds of prey over urban settlements, seagulls and other pest birds quickly scramble to find a safer and more suitable place to dwell. The mere presence of birds of prey (raptors) in the skies is enough to make unwanted birds pack up and leave town. With all of today's technical advances, birds of prey are still one of the most effective, as well as humane and natural ways to control pest birds. 

Of course, the many condominium buildings present a perfect place for pigeons to roost as well. Here, installing ledge protection systems may be the way to go. Find out more here »

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