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Many farmers and producers will experience conflicts with pest birds or animal wildlife, resulting in significant crop damage, such as loss of production, loss of vines and plants and consequently in loss of income.

Farmers are using different methods but with mixed results. In addition to damage, there are significant health issues related to the feces of birds and animals.

Hawkeye Crop Protection Solutions:

All of the methods that Hawkeye employs in crop protection are non-chemical solutions that are environmentally friendly. Our methods will allow you to control pest birds or animals without introducing harmful agents into your soil and produce. After a free inspection of your facility we will provide you with a long term custom solution. 

Wildlife damage management has become more difficult as large areas are planted to single crops, such as blueberries or strawberries. While it is seldom possible to completely prevent damage, much can be done to reduce the loss of crop without unwanted impact on wildlife.

Of all the wildlife that growers have to contend with, birds rank as one of the most devastating. Each year about 10 percent (range 0 to 60%) of a crop field may be lost to bird depredation. Although many species of birds may be involved, the principal species that cause crop damage and consequential losses are starlings, robins and finches.

Cornell University estimated that 10 percent of the U.S. blueberry crop is lost to bird damage. In Oregon, with a blueberry crop worth $102 million annually, the loss can be significant. A 2013 USDA study estimated birds cause $189 million damage annually to Honeycrisp apples, wine grapes, blueberries and tart and sweet cherries in just five states: Oregon, Washington, California, Michigan and New York. The USDA study also said bird damage costs per hectare (2.47 acres) ranged from $104 in Oregon tart cherries to $7,267 in Washington Honeycrisp apples. These is significant loss to the profitability of an industry.

To date, Hawkeye Bird Control Inc. has provided bird and animal control services (including repellents, removal and barriers) for the agricultural sector including grape growers, wineries, apple and strawberry fields, grain producers, dairy farms, and canning and food packaging operations.


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