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Dan Frankian is an accomplished falconer, using his skills to provide a natural alternative to chemical and product driven Bird, Animal, and Pest Control in the Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Area... Read more »

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RACCOONS IN YOUR GARBAGE: MISSISSAUGA PEST WILDLIFE PREVENTIONOver the years, the raccoon population in Mississauga has gotten out of control. Raccoons are strong-willed, highly determined nuisance creatures that will stop at nothing to gain access to a food source. It doesn’t matter what that food source is as long as it’s readily available and easily accessible. No matter how well you conceal your garbage, compost, and recycling bins, raccoons will always try—often successfully—to find a way in. Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control offers legal and humane raccoon removal in Mississauga.

Hawkeye Raccoon Control and Prevention in Mississauga

Mass urbanization in Mississauga has inevitably led to a large surplus of raccoon families in the area. Raccoons are attracted to garbage and other kinds of food sources. If you need raccoon control in Mississauga, then you can count on the experts at Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control to take care of this problem for you. We offer safe, effective, custom solutions to help keep these furry creatures out of your garbage and your home.

All of our technicians undergo rigorous training and certification programs to ensure they’re fully qualified to safely perform raccoon removal and prevention in Mississauga. No other raccoon control company in Canada hires fully licensed trappers who are capable of euthanizing fur-bearing nuisance animals.

Growing Garbage Problems in Mississauga

Like most other cities in the GTA, Mississauga has a massive garbage problem. As the population continues to explode, so does our garbage. Mounting waste has led to overflowing landfills. Those that are still in use are very quickly nearing full capacity.

A big contributing factor to this problem is that most people aren’t properly educated on how to dispose of their waste. Recyclable, compostable, and non-recyclable items are often miscategorized, placed in the wrong bins, and mistakenly end up in landfills rather than the appropriate processing plants.

Additionally, many residents neglect to thoroughly rinse out recyclable packaging and leave remnants of food behind. Leftover food particles interfere with the recycling and composting processes. Therefore, many of these recyclable items get sent to landfills instead.

How to Stop Raccoons from Getting into Garbage Bins


Raccoon prevention in Mississauga doesn’t have to be creative, but it does have to be strategic. Basically, all you have to do is properly secure your garbage, compost, and recycling bins. Don’t leave them outside unless you’re putting them out for waste collection. Second, make sure to secure all of your waste by tying up garbage bags, investing an animal-proof waste bin, and storing your bins in a secure structure such as your garage. You can find a garage management solution at www.binsolutions.ca to protect your trash from raccoons.

Professional Raccoon Control in Mississauga

Finding raccoons in your garbage in Mississauga? Sometimes despite your best efforts, raccoons can still figure out a way to get to your food waste and even inside your home. Let the professional raccoon removal technicians at Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control take care of this problem for you. Using a variety of safe, humane, and effective raccoon removal and prevention methods such as one-way exits and live trapping, we can keep your home raccoon-free.

Why Hawkeye?

We GUARANTEE results. We offer PERMANENT solutions above and beyond what other companies can offer. Hawkeye is the ONLY pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Canada designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional" AND holding the following licenses:  

  • Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit: In contrast to all other companies, we can euthanize the bird or fur-bearing animal, thus guaranteeing it will not return.
  • Falconry Permit: We use Birds of Prey (hawks, owls, falcons, eagles) to scare, chase, or remove in a natural and humane way.
  • Pest ControlLicense: We can employ chemical solutions to certain problems. These methods include natural pesticides.

Now with 7 Locations ( 6 In Canada and 1 in the U.S), we are ready to serve you better in Acton,  Toronto, Oshawa,  Bowmanville,  two locations in Mississauga and West Palm Beach in Florida.

Contact us today or email us at [email protected] if you need help with pest wildlife/animal control and/or pest animal removal.

Pest wildlife animals like Bats, Bears (Black, Brown), Beavers, Bobcats, Cats - Domestic (Feline), Chipmunks, Coyotes, Deer, Elk, Fox,  Groundhog, Marten, Mink, Moose, Muskrat, Porcupine, Possum/Opossum, Rabbits, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels (Black, Grey, Red) and  Lynx



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