pest animal martenMartens are small, rare members of the weasel (mustelidae) family. The American marten is sometimes referred to as a pine marten due to the similarities shared with their European pine marten relatives. Though considered tree dwellers, martens, in fact, spend considerable time on the ground, and are also excellent swimmers.

Females may reach a lenght of 18-22 inches, height of 6 inches, and weight of 1.5-1.8 lbs; males tend to be 20-25 inches long, also 6 inches in height and a body weight of 1.6-2.8 lbs.

Their fur is soft and thick, varying in color from pale buff or yellow to reddish or dark brown. The animals' throats are pale buff; their tails and legs are dark brown. Two vertical black lines run above the inner corners of their eyes. In winter, long hairs grow between the toe pads on the American martens' feet.

Marten TracksMarten Damage
Like all weasles, martens will seek poultry, eggs, and small mammals such as rabbits and rodents as prey.

Marten Control
Preventative measures include Exclusion*. Control methods include Live Trapping*, Licensed Trapping*, Physical Capture*, Shooting*, Relocation*, and Destruction of the animal.

*For adetailed definition of each control method please see Animal Wildlife Control Services & Solutions »

Please note that, in contrast to almost all other Ontario animal control operations, as a licensed furbearer trapping company we are able to employ all of these control methods INCLUDING relocation or permanent removal of captured martens .

Marten Breeding
American martens first mate when they're about two years old. During the July-August breeding season, martens (especially males) become quite aggressive and will fight with other mature males. Young are born in late March or April, nine months after fertilization. The female makes a den in a hollow tree, stump or rock crevice, lines it with leaves, moss and other vegetation and gives birth to 2- 4 kits. 


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