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Seagulls—more accurately referred to as gulls since these birds don’t necessarily prefer being near any body of water—are attracted to parking lots like flies to honey. We’ve all seen colonies of gulls congregating around parking lots either wandering around aimlessly or gathered around a pile of garbage like that’s their only source of sustenance for the day. Seagulls are essentially the pests of the bird world. They tend to linger around in public places, constantly searching for scraps of discarded food, litter, and bugs. In fact, there’s hardly anything that seagulls won’t eat.

So, why do seagulls like parking lots so much? What can be done to get rid of them and control the seagull population in your area?

Why Choose Hawkeye Bird Control for Your Seagull Problem?

Seagulls exist in large numbers and enjoy numerous federal and provincial protections. As a result, you need various permits to implement seagull control methods. At Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control, we obtain all of the necessary permits to safely and legally mitigate seagulls from commercial and residential premises. We pride ourselves on being the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Canada to be designated as “Certified Wildlife Control Professionals”.

We also have specialty falconry (birds of prey) and pest control permits. All of our bird mitigation methods are highly regulated on a federal and provincial level to guarantee safe, effective, and humane bird mitigation at all times.

We use natural methods like falconry (birds of prey) to remove pesky gulls from parking lots across Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe.


Why Do Seagulls Like Parking Lots?

Seagulls are scavenging birds, which means they pretty much go anywhere where food is widely available. Parking lots, especially in front of restaurants and grocery stores, are usually the perfect locations for them to congregate for a number of reasons, including:

Food Source

First off, public parking lots are usually covered in discarded food sources and other types of litter that attract seagulls. Seagulls will scavenge for food pretty much anywhere, including garbage cans and dumpsters.


Second, parking lots are usually built on flat or flattened land. This creates a low risk environment where they can easily spot danger as they scavenge for discarded food items and make a quick getaway if need be. The wide open spaces provided by parking lots are also ideal for finding mice and rats. Seagulls are attracted to grassy parts of parking lots such as dividers and islands because they can typically find worms and insects there.


How to Get Rid of Seagulls from Parking Lots

When using the proper techniques, seagull removal or mitigation is fairly easy and can be a permanent bird control solution.

The following is a list of effective seagull control solutions that can work for any public or privately owned parking lot.


The practice of hunting with birds of prey is an environmentally friendly, humane, and effective way to remove flocks of seagulls and other pest birds from your commercial parking lot. While falconry is a quick and long-lasting natural scare tactic, you need a permit to carry out this strategy.

Netting Bird Exclusion Solutions

Available for both indoor and outdoor use, pest bird control/removal netting is perfect for large colonies of seagulls; depending on the area, this can be an excellent solution for bird control.


Ledge Protection Systems

Ledge protection systems like bird spikes, flites, electric bird shock flex track, and coils deter birds from nesting or roosting on your property. Birds typically nest on building ledges because they provide a sturdy safe foundation for their nests. But this can cause a lot of external structural damage like rotting caused by the acidity in bird droppings.

Ledge protection systems are available in a variety of materials, densities, and sizes all of which dictate the cost, longevity, and efficacy. For example, the type of bird spikes you need—stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic—ultimately depends on your budget and the bird species you’re trying to remove. Hawkeye uses medium to premium spikes and recommends permanent solutions to achieve optimal results for all of our customers. Keep in mind that electrical bird flex tracks aren’t as effective when buried under heavy snow and ice, so it’s important to purchase and install a heavy-duty system that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Hawkeye will make the appropriate electrical bird shock system recommendation for your needs and even provide annual inspections every spring. Please ask one of our technicians today if a ledge protection system is right for you.


Seagull Prevention Measures

Reduce Littering

While it’s impossible to control other people’s bad habits, you can take steps to discourage people from littering on your property. Install plenty of garbage cans in convenient areas like next to entryways and make sure they’re emptied on a regular basis. Install signs throughout the parking lot that depict littering fines and where to dispose of garbage.

Cover Dumpster Bins

Oftentimes, seagulls will gather around and even inside dumpsters, ripping apart garbage bags in search of discarded food items. Covering dumpster bins will prevent seagulls from getting inside and it will also stop the wind from blowing garbage all over your parking lot.

Invest in Parking Lot Cleanliness

Keeping your parking lot consistently clean is a great way to prevent seagull infestation. As one of the biggest pests of the bird species, seagulls are more likely to congregate in dirty parking lots that are covered in litter and food sources.

You should also regularly clean your parking lot or hire a professional cleaning service to do so for you.

Keep Grassy Areas Pest-Free

As natural food scavengers, seagulls are always looking for their next meal and they’ll take it from just about anywhere. Oftentimes, that includes pests and insects that live in grassy areas like fields, lawns, and concrete parking lot dividers or islands.

Understandably, you want your commercial or residential parking lot to have some form of aesthetic appeal, which is why you install decorative garden beds and other greenery. Fresh grass, shrubs, trees, bushes, and flowers all attract insects which in turn attract seagulls. Professional pest control can also help keep seagulls out of your flowerbeds and your parking lot.

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control offers a variety of seagull and bird control services for industrial, residential, and commercial properties and piers in the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and parts of Florida. Need expert advice on how to get rid of seagull nests from your commercial property? Email us at [email protected] or call us at (416) 429-5393 or toll-free at 1-(855) 393-4295.


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