Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.
Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.

For gulls, long term or permanent netting can be used to restrict access or block access altogether of nesting, roosting pest birds or nesting, hibernating animals. Areas you may want to exclude pest birds from include parking garages, warehouses, bridges, factories.

Polyethylene, Fibreglass or Wire netting is available for this.

Polyethylene netting comes in 2.5cm to 20 cm (1” - 4”) squares It is heat treated and U.V. protected. Each square is individually knotted for 75 lbs of breaking strength, and is made of 4 or 6 strands of filament. It is available in 25, 50, 75 and 100 foot widths. Different colours are available - white, black, tan or clear. The polyethylene netting is unobtrusive and can be visually appealing architecturally. It has disadvantages for snow and ice - the weight can be too much for it. advantages - it’s a tight clean looking set up and works very well for what its intended for.

Fibreglass netting looks much the same as the polyethylene and is installed much the same. But it is longer lasting, resists corrosion, resists rot and resists colder climates better. It is often used in cities with a winter salting program or in coastal cities where salt damage is an issue. The cost of the fibreglass is considerably more expensive than the polyethylene.

Wire netting may also be used. It can be made of aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel to inhibit rust. It comes in different wights or thickness of gage. An example of this is hardware cloth. Can be installed with staples, fender washers, self tapping screws. Wire netting is often used to prevent access to areas such as warehouse venting, fans, air conditioning units by birds or small animals; on houses to prevent raccoons and squirrels from entering.

Pest birds and animals can do a lot of damage to buildings. Bird droppings are very acidic and can eat through a warehouse roof over time. Animals such as raccoons and squirrels can put holes through the soffit or any weak places they find to enter a house.

Pest bird and animal netting is an easy, economical, long term solution to exclusion and control .


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