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Dan Frankian is an accomplished falconer, using his skills to provide a natural alternative to chemical and product driven Bird, Animal, and Pest Control in the Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Area... Read more »

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raccoon trapMany wildlife removal companies state that live trapping raccoons is not a permanent solution. This is only true because most wildlife removal companies only have the ability to trap and relocate fur bearing animals within one kilometer. This practice poses issues when considering the new environment the raccoon is being released in. What you may think is an appropriate place to relocate a raccoon, may still cause stress, anxiety, and more than likely a conflict with another family of raccoons already living in this territory. In fact, most relocated animals only survive up to 2 months and most mothers will abandon their babies after they have been moved. Not to mention there are strict guidelines in terms of relocation. Where the animals are moved must be considered a suitable habitat and land owner permission must be obtained. Another issue with relocation is that one kilometer is not very far – considering a raccoon can travel over six kilometers in a single day. You are bound to end up with raccoons right where you initially found them.

What makes Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control unique is that all of our technicians carry trapping licences registered with the Ontario Fur Managers Federation.

What this means for you as a client is that we can provide you with a PERMANENT SOLUTION to your raccoon problem. Following the guidelines set out by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, our licensed trappers have the ability to live trap your raccoons and euthanize them. We are the only company in Canada that carry these licences and can say for certain that your removal is PERMANENT. GUARANTEED.

During the off season between October and December, the use of one-way doors is another service we offer. A one-way door will simply allow the raccoon to leave the den but not re-enter. The time restrictions for the use of this service are to be absolutely certain that there are no babies in the den that will be left behind. Babies unattended in a den will die without the care of their mother.

No matter what your situation is with a fur bearing animal, Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control will devise a customized solution to solve your problem. We will provide permanent removal and offer exclusion services to prevent the same problem happening again in the future with a different raccoon. 


Why Hawkeye?

We GUARANTEE results. We offer PERMANENT solutions above and beyond what other companies can offer. Hawkeye is the ONLY pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Canada designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional" AND holding the following licenses:  

  • Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit: In contrast to all other companies, we can euthanize the bird or fur-bearing animal, thus guaranteeing it will not return.
  • Falconry Permit: We use Birds of Prey (hawks, owls, falcons, eagles) to scare, chase, or remove in a natural and humane way.
  • Pest ControlLicense: We can employ chemical solutions to certain problems. These methods include natural pesticides.

Now with a number of locations across Ontario and our U.S. office in West Palm Beach, we are here to serve you better. 

Contact us today or email us at [email protected] for Professional Trapping Services, Wildlife/Animal Control and/or Pest Animal Removal.

Pest wildlife animals such as  Bats, Bears (Black, Brown), Beavers, Bobcats, Cats - Domestic (Feline), Chipmunks, Coyotes, Deer, Elk, FoxGroundhog, Marten, Mink, Moose, Muskrat, Porcupine, Possum/Opossum, Rabbits, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels (Black, Grey, Red) and  Lynx


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