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As one of the largest airports in the UK, Heathrow Airport must ensure their air space stays clear of birds, drones, or any other possible obstructions that could cause a collision with an aircraft. In this situation, Layla Bennett, 34, was contracted to perform falconry-based bird abatement, using her six-year-old Harris Hawk, Milo. Milo was responsible for removing and scaring gulls away from the Heathrow airspace to ensure safe departures and returns of all aircrafts at this large facility. After a hard day of protecting the skies, Milo was placed in his Giant Hood, carrying case, in the back of Bennett’s Van while she checked into The Mercure Hotel attached to the airport. Not even thirty minutes had passed when Bennett returned to her vehicle to retrieve Milo for the night. To her disbelief, the back window had been smashed, and Milo, her long-term friend and partner, was missing.

Bird’s of Prey require a lot of specialized knowledge to train and care for. Their food intake, weights, and well being must be assessed daily, and this hawk did not like to take food from strangers. Bennett fears for Milo’s life and is offering a £1,000 reward for a safe return home.

It was apparent through airport video surveillance that these thieves, identified as two male suspects, had never owned or cared for a bird of prey. Using Bennett’s Falconry glove, they aggressively pulled Milo out of the van and threw him into the back of their car while he flapped and resisted in distress. Milo was left loose in the car as the thieves made their getaway. Officials believe that this incident is related to an unidentified drone flying in Heathrow’s airspace about a month ago; this occurrence stalled many flight departures that day. Authorities are still in search of these thieves, and Bennett is still anxiously anticipating the safe return home of her beloved Harris Hawk, as we all are. Our heart goes out to Bennett at this trying time, just thinking of losing a life long partner is almost unbearable to handle.

If you are experiencing a problem with nuisance birds or animals, whether it be commercial or residential, we will be happy to assist you. At Hawkeye, our trained falconers use birds just like Milo to deter nuisance birds including gulls, pigeons, starlings, you name it. If you would like more information pleas contact us.


Philippine Eagle

A fascinating look at an endagered Philippine Eagle chick growing up... Captured and presented by National Geographic

The Philippine eagle is one of the largest predator birds in the Accipitridae family, and is known as the national bird of the Philippines. They weigh up to 18 pounds and have an average wingspan of over 6 feet. They enjoy gliding and riding thermal columns to conserve energy. The Philippine eagle also performs spectacular flight displays; but mostly during mating season as a sign of courtship. These eagles are gigantic predators of the sky, and are known for carrying off monkeys as prey, but now due to hunting and deforestation, they are at the brink of extinction.

There are over six thousand islands inclusive of the Philippines, of which only four are home to Philippine eagles. Tropical hardwood trees, the most common location for eagle nests, have become a high commodity in illegal logging operations. But even through approved development and logging, over three quarters of forests in the Philippines have been lost since the early 1900’s; providing little accommodation for these eagles in their preferred lowland habitat and causing them to move to the mountains.

In 1987, The Philippine Eagle Foundation was started in attempt to conserve this species. The main goal of this foundation is to perform captive breeding, but they also conduct scientific research, and are working on resource management programs to help with population stability and growth. Based on some of their population research, there are currently an estimated 400 breeding pairs of Philippine eagles. These numbers were extrapolated based on their average territory size and the distance between previously identified nesting sites.

Philippine Eagles sustain monogamous relationships that last a lifetime, and even though they are familiar with each other, the male eagles will still perform a courtship display every time they mate. This spectacle includes unique calls and literal talon gripping flight displays, in which both male and female clasp their talons together during flight. The male also brings food and nesting material to their mate to show that they are able to provide for their family. A clutch of only one egg is laid every two years on average that is incubated for close to two months. Once the eaglet hatches, they remain with their parents for a year and a half before they are able to fend for themselves. During this time the parents may teach their young to use their instinctual abilities to hunt, survive, and care for a family of their own.

The life of the Philippine eagle leaves much up to the imagination with their excellent ability to stay hidden, so there is much more to learn regarding population, life span, wellbeing, and the use of their habitat. All the foundation can do is continue their research and assist in the conservation of this species as much as they can, in hopes to at least stabilize the Philippine eagle population, if not increase it over time. Rare video footage was captured showing an endangered Philippine eagle chick being raised in the wild – click this link to watch – this video is a hope for successful conservation of this spectacular species.

At Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control, we provide assistance with the relocation or rehabilitation of wild birds of prey that are either nesting in a location that is a danger to themselves or humans – or birds of prey that require medical attention. If this is a problem you are dealing with, please visit the contact us section of our website and we would be happy to find a solution that is in the best interests of the wildlife and yourself.

Peregine Falcon


This year, the Saudi Falcons Club is getting ready for the first ever King AbdulAziz Falconry Festival, said to be one of the largest falconry events to date. This festival is taking place from January 25th to February 3rd 2019, in the city of Riyadh. Many local falconers are scheduled to attend as well as other falconers and enthusiasts from all around the world. Although those who are foreign to the world of falconry believe it to be a very niche community, this sport of kings is still at large in almost every country, and especially in the Middle East. In this region many animals are still used as status symbols, such as those used in Ancient Rome. In fact, falconry is also deeply engrained in Saudi heritage and culture, and many modern enthusiasts intend to revive these practices on an even larger scale. 

The festival will feature state of the art falcon race fields holding up to all international standards. There will also be falcon beauty competitions, interactive media displays, art installations, museum exhibits, and hands on falconry experiences held in a large area of over 32,000 square feet. Since one of the main goals of this festival is to deepen the understanding, appreciation, and continuance of Arabian traditions, the featured exhibits will focus on the biology of falcons, the history of falcons in Saudi Arabia, how to train a falcon, hunting techniques, and the progressive nature of falconry in modern times. This will truly be a magnificent event, and many will be envious of the thousands of attendees that will be present. But Luckily with Hawkeye, you don’t have to travel to the Middle East to get a true falconry experience.

Right here in Acton, Ontario you can experience the wonders of the sport of falconry, get hands on experience, and learn about and meet the various falcons, hawks, owls, and even eagles we house. Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Snowy Owls, Great Horned Owls, and Harris Hawks are just some of the predator birds we house. You will learn about the importance of falconry to the population control of many predator species, and you will even get to have one of these birds fly right from your own gloved hand. So, if birds of prey or the sport of falconry interests you, please visit our contact us page and book your falconry experience today.

pigeon feces

Two patients dead after a fungal infection linked to pigeon feces

At Queen Elizabeth University hospital in Glasgow, Scotland two individuals have died from the same fungal infection. This fungus goes by the name of Cryptococcus. The main form of contraction for this infection is through inhalation, and this fungus is usually only found in soil and pigeon feces. There is little information released about the individuals in question as patient confidentiality is at risk, but officials say the likely source of contraction is an area which is not open to the public that contained a large amount of pigeon droppings, which were subsequently removed. In addition, control measures were taken at the hospital to ensure no further cases of this infection, and have thus far proven to be effective. The air quality in this facility is now being strictly monitored, as this fungus can become and is most commonly contracted as air borne. It is said that many people who ingest this fungus do not have any serious side effects, but it is impossible to know who will and won’t be affected, so it is essential to take precautions to prevent excessive inhalation.

If you own or work in a location that has an excess amount of pigeons, or any nuisance animal causing a health risk due to excessive fecal droppings, destruction of property, or  over occupation of space our technicians at Hawkeye can help. We have the tools and the skills to deal with these animals, can provide a permanent solution if needed, and can make sure your health and safety is no longer a risk. We can use chemicals such as bleach or steam cleaning to eliminate the presence of this fungus or any other bacteria that could be harmful to humans. And we can also use technics such as abatement and/or trapping to deter, relocate, or permanently remove your nuisance wildlife depending on your needs and specific situation. These specifics can be discussed with one of our professionals by visiting our contact us page. We would love to hear from you and provide the most effective and efficient solution to your animal control problem.


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