Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.
Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.


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Please note: All Control Methods related to Geese are subject to permits issued by Environment Canada.

This is a brief overview of your options when dealing with Geese damage, along with advantages and disadvantages. We can either chase while geese are flying, remove nests and eggs when they are laying, or capture and relocate while they are molting.

Often a combination of methods proves most effective; contact us to dicuss a program customized to your needs and budget.

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Geese Relocation

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Geese Removal
Geese Relocation

Molting geese can not fly and will be captured, corralled and relocated to another area south west of you, approximately 300-400 kms away.



  • Historically no return for the rest of the season; 
  • Sometimes deters them from coming back the next year; 
  • Excellent results.



  • More public & obvious;
  • More costly, as it requires 1-2 days of labour with 3-4 staff members depending on number of Geese and transport over a day.



Chasing Geese:

Chase with Dogs & Birds of Prey or Pyrotechnics



  • Dogs on the ground and Birds of Prey in the air;
  • Effective and keeps geese off your property;
  • Geese are extremely scared of Eagles and will disperse quickly.



  • Repeated services necessary, therefore more costly.



Nest removal:

Goose Nest Removal

Involves walking to every nest on your property, remove all eggs and nest out.



  • The entire population in your area will not increase;
  • Upsets geese and encourages them to move to a new area and re-nest;
  • Also means they will set up territory at this new site, as will their offspring.






Use of 12 gauge, air rifle, or .22 Caliber, where firearms are permitted. There will be a limit of birds shot on your permit. 



  • 100% effective; What you kill will not ever come back.


A Public Relations nightmare - You will be seen as a killer of Geese (Case in point The City of Mississauga) Mayor Hazel is probably our strongest mayor in Canada, but with over 93% approval rating even she felt the wrath of animal rights activists. Very difficult to keep quiet, especially in public areas. This should not be taken lightly as certain animal rights activists have become quite militant.


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