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Bird Wire is a stainless steel wire system stretched between a series of poles and attached with wire springs to the poles. This creates a very unstable landing area for any bird as the springs make the wire keep moving and the wire is thin enough the bird can’t get a grip on it.

Bird wire is extremely low profile and is used widely throughput North America. It also carries GSA approval for historic buildings.

The Bird Wire system is very discreet . It is the least visible of all ledge products and is often utilized on high visibility ledges where architectural appeal is important.

The nylon coated, spring tensioned, stainless steel wire is attached to small stainless steel posts at differing heights at various intervals. These posts are attached to just about any surface using nylon anchor rivets which requires drilling into the surface. Glue on bases are also available as are specialized brackets and clamps for pipes and gutters. These allow for installation on hard to protect surfaces. Split pins can also be used to install Bird Wire inside window reveals.


Product Overview

Where to use: 
Long, exposed ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes etc.

Target Bird: 
Pigeon or larger 

Bird Pressure: 

Stainless steel, nylon coated wire is attached to stainless steel posts and tensioned using springs

Ease of Installation: 
Not difficult, but labour intensive.

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