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Raccoon Latrine Cleanup and Feces Removal

Raccoons might look like cute, cuddly creatures but they can do serious damage to your property. They can scratch away under shingles and borough into your roof to make their homes in your attic or under your deck. But the animals themselves are not the only problem. Feces is also a major problem as it can cause considerable health hazards. If you need wildlife animals prevention and removal in Mississauga or want proper cleanup of the poop, contact Hawkeye today. Here's all the information you need to know.

Why Raccoon Poop Is Dangerous

Raccoons prefer to deposit their feces in areas that are flat and elevated; however, they are also known to poop at the base of trees or in open areas. When they repeatedly poop in the same spot—which isn’t uncommon—the area is known as a latrine. Raccoons typically nest in a separate area from where they defecate.

Cleaning up the latrines is very important because feces can carry intestinal parasites. Infected animals will shed millions of eggs in their dung, which not only impact the environment but can be inhaled by pets and humans.

Raccoon poop can also carry giardia, leptospirosis, and salmonella, which can harm people and animals that come in contact with it.

Since cleaning chemicals alone will not kill roundworm parasite eggs, it's important to seek professional help to properly exterminate these parasites. The right precautions must be taken to avoid infection and spread of these parasites. Professionals will use properly rated respirators, disposable gloves, proper footwear, and the right clothes to effectively address the situation and by using a combination of bleach and boiling water the eggs will be eliminated from your property.

Why Hawkeye’s Feces Removal services?

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control will help you if you need permanent raccoon removal. We use various control and removal methods in Mississauga for wildlife animals, including both passive and active removal methods that keep them away from your home without harming them. Some of these methods include one-way exit devices, hand capture, and live trapping. We are also the only company in the GTA with the proper licenses to euthanize the animals if necessary. They can also be relocated within one kilometre.

Our team of professionals has the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience to remove and disinfect poop safely and thoroughly. We can help you find ways to prevent raccoons from coming onto your property and show you how to keep them out of your Mississauga Town house, garbage, home roof, shed, or attic.

What makes Hawkeye different from other companies that clean up feces and latrines in Mississauga?

As a bird and animal control company that services residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the Greater Toronto Area, Golden Horseshoe, and many parts of Florida, we provide permanent results and guarantee that you won’t get this level of service anywhere else.

We are the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in the country designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional" and we hold the following licenses: Trapping of Fur-Bearing Animals Permit, Falconry Permit, and Pest Control License.

Hawkeye specializes in providing humane and natural, environmentally friendly services, solutions, products and systems for pest animals and wildlife who are in conflict with humans or property. Control methods include animal removal, repellents, barriers as well as human protection from damage, disease & health hazards.

Need professional help dealing with latrines in your property?

Now with 7 Locations (6 In Canada and 1 in the U.S), we are ready to serve you better in Acton, Toronto, Oshawa, Bowmanville, two locations in Mississauga and West Palm Beach in Florida.

Contact us today or Email us at [email protected] if you need help with pest wildlife / animal control and/or pest animal removal.

Some other Pest Wildlife Animals we deal with are Bats, Bears (Black, Brown), Beavers, Bobcats, Cats - Domestic (Feline), Chipmunks, Coyotes, Deer, Elk, Fox, Groundhog, Marten, Mink, Moose, Muskrat, Porcupine, Possum/Opossum, Rabbits, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels (Black, Grey, Red) and Lynx



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