Raccoons are infinitely feisty, tenacious, and resourceful creatures that will stop at absolutely nothing to fill their bellies with food. They’re also constantly looking for warm, dry, and quiet places to nest, often with their large raccoon families. Raccoons may seem warm and cuddly, but once they gain entry into your home, they can wreak havoc by causing extensive damages and disturbing your domestic life. If you have raccoons in your Mississauga townhouse, then call on the pest animal control experts at Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control who can safely and effectively remove them for you.


Raccoons in Mississauga Townhouses: Removal and Prevention

At Hawkeye, we use tried and true raccoon removal, control, and prevention tactics in Mississauga that are designed to keep your townhouse free of these furry pests for as long as possible. Our animal control technicians are qualified to administer the following raccoon removal methods in Mississauga:

  • Passive removal using one-way exit devices that are designed to guide raccoons out of your home on their own schedule
  • Active removal methods including wrangling and live trapping

We are the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in the country designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional" and the only company to hold the following license: Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit. This means that we guarantee permanent removal.


Various Ways Raccoons Can Get into Townhouses in Mississauga

raccoon damage mississauga townhouseBelieve it or not, it’s actually easy for raccoons to get into your house. Raccoons look for neglected structural damages such as damaged roof shingles to get into your home undetected. Rooftops are in fact one of the most commonly used entry points for raccoons because they can easily sneak in and out without being seen.

All they have to do is find a small hole that they can poke their heads through. If a raccoon can fit its entire head through a hole in your roof, then they can easily squeeze the rest of their bodies in as well. Similarly, raccoons can also squeeze through chimneys and enter your home.

Raccoons are also attracted to waste such as discarded food and this is an excellent and easy food source for them. To avoid attracting raccoons to your property, make sure to always keep your waste tightly tied up and stored in your garage until garbage day. On garbage day, it’s best to secure your waste in animal-proof containers rather than just leaving garbage bags at the curb.


Signs That Raccoons Are Present in Your Mississauga Townhouse

There are certain telltale signs that indicate you may have a raccoon infestation in your Mississauga townhouse.

Aside from being unwelcome in your home, raccoons are far from quiet and respectful houseguests. They’re often loud and brash. Even if you don’t necessarily see them, you’ll definitely hear them in your attic. Auditory signs of raccoons in your attic include squeaking, scratching, and rustling noises. Since raccoons do a lot of their running around during the evening, these noises are sure to disturb your sleep.

Other signs include scuff or claw marks on your roof, destroyed or eaten vegetation in your garden, as well as track marks and excrement throughout your yard.


Raccoons in Townhouse Attics

If you have one or a family of raccoons living in your Mississauga townhouse attic, then you can bet that they’re going to cause extensive damages. These include:

  • Disturbing the insulation by removing it from the walls, packing it, or moving it around
  • Damaging your rooftop and attic ceiling as they come and go
  • Chewing, ripping, and pulling on electrical wiring causing potential fire hazards
  • Health problems for you and your family caused by bacteria and disease festering in rotting food and raccoon excrement

As mentioned, the reason that raccoons are typically attracted to attics is because they’re easy to get into and they provide a warm, quiet, comfortable, and safe nesting area. Nesting in attics also provides a certain level of convenience for raccoons. Once they’ve destroyed the insulation in your attic, this can create a draft throughout your home, which will inevitably cause them to leave of their own accord. With townhouses, though, they don’t have to travel very far to find their next attic to nest in. All they have do is run across the roof to your neighbour’s house and so on.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of your raccoon problem because on top of the extensive and expensive damages they’ve inflicted on your home, there’s always a strong likelihood that they might return the same way as before. Hawkeye can ensure that any raccoons removed from your property are euthanized and will not return, but this doesn’t mean other raccoons couldn’t re-nest in an unmaintained roof.


Raccoons on Townhouse Rooftops

Raccoons are commonly sighted in many urban and semi-urban areas. While they certainly have a right to coexist with humans, their mere presence brings with it a host of potential problems for homeowners. Raccoons carry diseases, they attract other unwanted pests and animals, and they can very quickly make a mess of your neighbourhood and yard. Furthermore, raccoons can cause extensive property damage, particularly to your rooftop as they find or create holes to enter your home.

Undetected holes in your roof will eventually lead to other property damages such as leaks, floods, water damage, and more. Don’t ignore raccoon sightings on your townhouse roof in Mississauga. Take care of the problem immediately before it escalates.   


Prevention Methods to Stop Raccoons from Getting into Your Townhouse Attic or Roof

The raccoon population in Mississauga has continuously multiplied over the years, making residential raccoon infestation prevention methods incredibly important. Townhouses in Mississauga are often targeted by raccoons because they offer convenient relocation solutions if needed. We have the following recommendations to help you keep raccoons off of your roof and out of your attic:

  • Make sure your roof is in excellent condition and repair any damages immediately
  • Trim or remove overhanging tree branches next to your home
  • Prune all shrubs, bushes, and other greenery in your yard to prevent them from getting too big


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