chipmunkChipmunks are small ground-dwelling rodents with distinctive stripes on their rusty-red to chestnut-brown fur. Five dark-brown stripes line the back; one down the backbone from the neck to rump, two on each side from shoulder to rump. A creamy-buff stripe separates the dark side stripes. Mature chipmunks are nine to 10 inches in length and weigh about three ounces. The flattened, well-haired tail is roughly one-third the animal's total length.

Chipmunks have forefeet adapted for holding and eating food while they sit upright. Their heads are blunt and squirrel-like and have unique furred cheek pouches in which they carry food and other material. The front teeth are chisel-shaped. Chipmunks may range over an acre, but their individual territories often are much smaller.

Chipmunk Tracks

Chipmunk Control
Preventative measures include Exclusion*. Control methods include Live Trapping*, Licensed Trapping*, Physical Capture*, Shooting*, Relocation*, and Destruction of the animal.

*For adetailed definition of each control method please see Animal Wildlife Control Services & Solutions »

Please note that, in contrast to almost all other Ontario animal control operations, as a licensed furbearer trapping company we are able to employ all of these control methods INCLUDING relocation or permanent removal of captured chipmunks.


Chipmunk Damage
When chipmunks move into an urban setting, they can become quite destructive when it comes to their burrowing activities around structures. This damage warrants an investment in control to protect structural integrity of stairs, patios, decks, and foundations. Their consumption of seeds, flower bulbs, fruit, and vegetables
is more a nuisance than economic loss.

Chipmunk Breeding
Chipmunks mate two times a year, during early spring and again during the summer or early fall. There is a 31-day gestation period. 2 to 5 young are born in April to May and again in August to October. The young are sexually mature within 1 year. Adults may live up to 3 years.


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