lynxThe Bobcat, although it does not bare the family name is a distinct species in the Lynx genus. It's habitat ranges from Southern Canada to Mexico. Bobcats are short stocky cats with muscular legs, their hind legs being slightly longer than their forelegs. Average body length is 2 to 4 feet with a shoulder height of 1 to 1.5 feet and body weight of 15 to 30 pounds. Their relatively high shoulder height and thick fur make them appear much larger than they really are. Bobcats from the northern parts of their range tend to be larger on average than those further south. Larger individuals also tend to occur in open areas, wheras those from forested areas are smaller. The largest bobcat on record weighed 22.2 kg. The lifespan of the bobcat can reach over 33 years in captivity, and 12 - 13 years in the wild.


Bobcat activity is easily spotted by large (2-3 inch in diameter) cat foot prints left behind.

Bobcat Tracks

Bobcat Damage
Much to the dismay of farmers and cattlemen, a bobcat will readily seek sheep, poultry, goats, game birds, turkey, fish, calves, cats and dogs. It will hide or leave its kill for a later date, returning daily to feed and cover the 'leftovers' with sticks, brush, dirt, or other protective cover. It is this characteristic which makes trapping very effective.

Bobcat Control
Preventative measures include Exclusion*. Control methods include Live Trapping*, Licensed Trapping*, Physical Capture*, Shooting*, Relocation*, and Destruction of the animal.

*For adetailed definition of each control method please see Animal Wildlife Control Services & Solutions »

Please note that, in contrast to almost all other Ontario animal control operations, as a licensed fur Bobcater trapping company we are able to employ all of these control methods INCLUDING relocation or permanent removal of captured Bobcats.

Bobcat Breeding
Gestation is 50 - 70 days, with one to six, usually two to four, kittens being born in a den, hollow log, under a rock ledge or in dense thickets. The kittens are born with faint marks on their back and sides, and dark streaks on their faces that fade as they grow. They open their eyes after about nine days. 


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