How do I get rid off skunk spray smell?

skunk-newThe striped skunk is a boldly colored nocturnal animal whose glands hold about a tablespoon of musky smelling methyl mercaptan. This is enough to allow the skunk to spray five or six times. It stamps its feet, growls, hisses, turns its back, and raises its tail straight up when it is about to spray. It can spray up to 15 feet and the smell can carry a mile.


Skunk Spray Prevention/Removal

To prevent a skunk from spraying you need to pay attention to the warning signs the animal gives. Skunks are near sighted and startle easily. Warning signs are stamping of feet, puffed out body and tail, raised tail, arched back and running a few steps towards to you. All of these signs are used to make the skunk appear larger and to frighten off the animal or person. If you do not pay attention to these signs and don’t back off,  you will be in for a nasty surprise when the skunk quickly flips its body around and sprays you!


If for some reason you need to approach a skunk or its den, move slowly, talk in a low, soothing voice and DON”T make any quick movements!


Removal of Skunk Odour from Pets


If your dog has been sprayed by a skunk the best home made recipe to remove the skunk odour is as follows:


•   1 quart 3 percent hydrogen peroxide

•   1/4 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

•   1 teaspoon liquid soap or dish detergent


Mix these ingredients and bathe the dog. Be careful not to get this mixture in to the dog’s eyes. Use a facecloth to carefully wash the dog’s face. Do not wet the dog first. Do not add any water. You don’t want to dilute the mixture.


To thoroughly remove the skunk odour ensure the mixture is on the pet for at least 5 minutes. Be certain to get the mixture right down to the skin. Then rinse the dog thoroughly with water.


To further remove the skunk odour and any residue from the above mixture wash the dog with dog shampoo working the shampoo well into the skin and hair to lift any oils. Then rinse thoroughly and apply conditioner.


For larger dogs mix several batches. This mixture is not stable and must be used immediately. DO NOT store the mixture in an airtight container. It produces oxygen and may cause the container to split open.




Any dog that would normally get its hair trimmed can be sent to the groomer after it has been bathed to have the hair removed that has been affected by the skunk odour.


This recipe can also be used to remove skunk odour from people and exterior of buildings – shed, deck, patio furniture. This mixture may bleach surfaces – your pet’s hair, wood, etc. Test an area first. Do not use on your clothing.



Removal of Skunk Odour from House, Shed or Deck

To remove skunk odour from under your house, shed or deck place about 25 pounds of charcoal down the hole . The odour in the air will be absorbed by the charcoal.



Removal of Skunk Odour from Yard

To remove skunk odour from your yard: Spray that has drifted over a large area can be neutralized by mixing 1 gallon of clear vinegar and 1 cup of non-foaming cleanser (such as liquid dishwasher soap) in a backpack garden sprayer. Spray down the area with the skunk smell; it will be neutralized on contact.



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