Live Trapping: Box traps vs. Cage Traps

animal wildlife box trapTo trap animals, there are a variety of traps that are used depending on the type of animal or situation, but there are only two main styles of trap used for live trapping; box traps and cage traps. Let’s preface this with saying that Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control only uses live cage traps for all trapping purposes, and we'll explain why we do so. If you are having an urgent animal wildlife control issue and need professional help, Hawkeye is here to help. Call us at (416) 429-5393 or head over to our Contact Page today for an easy hassle free solution to your animal control problem.


animal wildlife cage trapImage 1 shows a photo of a box trap and image 2 shows a photo of a cage trap. Just by comparing the two styles of traps, you can see that they would work essentially the same, with one main difference; ventilation. On a hot sunny day, a box trap with all sides completely closed off heats up quickly and provides an unfavourable environment for the animal that could lead to death. There are a few small holes on the door of the trap, but this simply isn’t enough when the sun is blazing down on the trap. This trap, although can be considered humane and ethical during the winter months, providing the animal with more protection from the elements than a cage trap, is highly inhumane during the summer.


animal wildlife z trap Another style of box trap that is used specifically for skunks is called the Z trap; depicted in Image 3. This trap is almost completely closed off apart from a few very small holes once the skunk is trapped. These traps are also often composed of solid black material. It doesn’t take a scientist to determine that this type of trap is totally inhumane and provides the skunk with very little air to breathe and a compartment that will surely overheat dependent on the surrounding temperature. Black absorbs all wavelengths of light converting them into heat and white reflects all wavelengths of light therefore does not convert them into heat. Conclusively, black heats up faster and can become hotter overall than white ever can. With that being said, a skunk in an almost completely sealed black trap is ultimately dead on arrival on a hot summer day; therefore this trap is totally inhumane. The main objective with a live skunk trap is to keep the skunk alive, but unfortunately many skunk traps are designed in the favour of the human to prevent spraying, scratching, and biting ultimately leading to an unethical situation for the skunk.


At Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control, we only use cage traps. Regardless of if we are catching squirrels, skunks, opossums, or raccoons; we believe in the humane treatment of animals. Our cage traps are designed to allow ultimate ventilation even on the hottest of days and our loosely fitted covers with individual panels for each side, allow for air flow throughout the trap at all times while still protecting the animal from the elements on an unfavourable day.

Some may question how we trap skunks in a cage trap without getting sprayed, but it is easier than you think. The cover over the trap provides a boundary between you and the skunk allowing time to approach the cage, identify the animal, and using very slow movements, cover the trap with a sheet or blanket as to provide the animal with a dark environment and prevent spraying during transportation. If you are having problems with wildlife on your property, do not hesitate to contact us. There are many reasons for hiring a professional wildlife trapping service. Our phone lines are up and running 24/7 and we will be happy to provide you with a permanent solution to your raccoon control or animal control problem.

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