How do I get a raccoon out from under my deck?

Danger of Raccoon Feces

Raccoons often carry round worm, Baylisascaris procyonis. Although harmless to raccoons, these parasites create eggs, which when matured can cause serious side effects in humans and other animals. Many parents allow their children to play in the backyard, and we all know kids like to put everything in their mouths. Having your deck as a Latrine (bathroom) site for raccoons can be very unpleasant and potently harmful to your family. If your deck is a latrine site, please see Removing Raccoon Feces.

Raccoons under your deck

Raccoons like to create dens in dark, safe, and quiet places. During the summer, the underside of your deck is the perfect location for a mother raccoon to start a family. Most times, Raccoons are unwanted visitors in a residential backyard, as they can get quite aggressive when threatened, are unsanitary, and are very destructive pests.

Luckily, at Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control, we can provide permanent and humane raccoon removal, as well as provide solutions to help prevent the same problem in the future.
With our services, an assessment will be performed on your deck to determine the access point (s) of the raccoon (s). Then there are a few options available depending on what your personal needs are.

One-way doors

A one way door can be assembled so that the raccoon (s) may exit the den, but are unable to re-enter. We can then block off the existing entrance (s) permanently. During the nesting season this method is not preferred as the young may become stuck in the den without their mother. Based on your situation, if we suspect there are babies present we will ensure that every animal involved will be handled humanely.

Permanent Removal

After locating the opening or access point (s) of the raccoon den, multiple live traps can be set up by one of our trained animal technicians depending on the unique requirements of your situation. As a client you have two choices: release or euthanasia. All of our technicians are licenced in humane pest euthanasia in Ontario, and this process will ensure that your pest solution is permanent. For those clients that do not wish to take this path, we may also release the raccoons within one kilometer from the location they were trapped. In the province of Ontario, this is the maximum allowable distance for release of a trapped animal. Most clients prefer to euthanize as this is the only method that will ensure a permanent solution. If you would like more information about animal trapping please see Animal Wildlife Trapping: Raccoon, Squirrel and Skunk.

Preventing Raccoons from choosing your deck

Raccoons tend to nest where there is available food close by. Things like garbage and recycling that are left unsecured can be a major attractant to raccoons and other unwanted wildlife on your property. Having a secure bin is optimal and will block off the food supply for potential new residents of your deck. But to ensure complete security of your deck from wildlife you may also wish to install exclusion fencing. This fencing is made of heavy gauge screening and would be installed in the ground around the entirety of your deck. For securing solutions please visit Animal Wildlife Exclusion.

To get a permanent solution for your pest problem, call us at (416) 429-5393; we will be happy to discuss all of your available options.


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