How do I safely remove raccoon poop or feces?

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Raccoon poop, or feces, can cause considerable health hazards, so it is important that it is cleaned up right away and done right. Raccoons carry the intestinal parasite Baylisascaris procyonis, which is raccoon roundworm. Infected raccoons shed millions of eggs in their poop, which infect the environment, and can be passed to dogs and humans. Their poop also carries giardia, leptospirosis and salmonella, which are also harmful to humans and pets.

Raccoon roundworm eggs that have been shed into the environment take 2 to 4 weeks to mature to the infective stage, so it is important to promptly remove any fresh raccoon poop. Although not that common, roundworms can infect our eyes, organs and brains, and there are no drugs that are completely effective to treat raccoon roundworm (, 2017). Raccoon poop is found in ‘latrines’; common areas where they repeatedly defecate. These are found on top of sheds, roofs, garages, gardens, sheds, decks and inside of attics. When established latrines are found they should be treated as a biohazardous material and handled accordingly.

Cleaning chemicals will not kill the raccoon roundworm parasite eggs, but the right amount of heat will. Raccoon poop may be cleaned up from some areas with boiling water, but in other areas, safe use of a propane torch may be the only way to safely disinfect. People removing raccoon poop must take the appropriate precautions to avoid infection. This includes the use of a properly rated respirator, disposable gloves, proper footwear and the right clothes that can be effectively cleaned after use to kill any parasite eggs that may have come in contact during the raccoon poop removal.

The professionals at Hawkeye have the proper equipment, knowledge and experience to safely remove and disinfect raccoon poop from latrines. We can also help you find ways to keep raccoons from coming into your yard, and show you how to keep them out of your home, garage or shed.


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