Seagull Control in Pickering: Pest Bird Prevention in Durham Region

Have you noticed seagulls all around your commercial building? If so, you need to seek immediate pest bird removal in Pickering/or Durham Region. Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control Inc.’s pest bird removal in Durham Region is the only service of its kind that permanently removes and prevents seagulls from taking over your building’s roof. Here’s what you need to know about our seagull removal in Durham Region.

seagulls nestHawkeye’s Solutions to Control Seagulls in Pickering

Seagull Control Using Falconry

The difference between Hawkeye and other seagull control companies in Pickering and Durham Region is that we offer permanent solutions to pest problems. We are the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company that is designated “Certified Wildlife Control Professional.” We also hold licenses that enable us to use birds of prey like hawks, owls, falcons, and eagles to scare, chase, and remove pest birds in a natural and effective way.


Netting Solutions

Stealth Netting, which is made from polyethylene and nylon, often used to prevent seagulls and other pests from getting into warehouse venting, fans, air conditioning units, and other open spaces on the roof of buildings.

Seagull Control Using Other Methods

In addition to netting and falconry, gulls are also affected by pyrotechnics, lasers, and firearms (by a professional and trained shooter). Gulls are a protected species in Canada, so it’s important to note that permits are required for this type of work and the birds will be dealt with humanely.

Pickering Is a Perfect Attraction for Seagulls

If you own a commercial property in Pickering, you may be wondering why this location is so well loved by seagulls. There are three simple reasons for this: easy access to food, water, and shelter. Seagulls often flock to growing urban areas because the increase of people in the area means more food and more garbage. Locations like the waterfronts, marinas, parks, and trails can especially draw seagulls to the area.

Why Choose Hawkeye for Seagull Control in Pickering?

If you’re seeking seagull control and removal in Pickering, give Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control a call. We are your best solution to humanely get rid of your pest problem for good. We offer our services to residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the Greater Toronto Area, Golden Horseshoe, and many parts of Florida. Whether you’re dealing with pest birds, animals, and other nuisance wildlife, we can help.

Our services include using birds of prey, falconry experience, balcony cleaning and netting, exclusion, installation of screens for doors and dock seals, and a variety of deterrent methods using sounds and visuals. We guarantee results and offer permanent solutions that exceed our competitors.

Visit our web site to learn more about methods we use to control and remove seagull or contact us at [email protected] or call us at (416) 429-5393


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