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Federal, provincial and municipal government bodies are continually dealing with the impact of problem birds and wildlife on property and people. Large scale bird infestations of starlings, crows, pigeons, geese and gulls cause millions of dollars of property damage and present a monumental health risk. Ranking at the top of health concerns that government bodies need to address is hystaplastmosis. This lung disease can be contracted by inhaling airborne bird feces. Recently, we worked with a municipal government in Ontario to relocate an estimated 2.5 million starlings that were presenting a major health and property risk, in a large urban setting.



City of Toronto
If you see hawks, eagles, or falcons flying around Toronto's City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square, or Lester B. Pearson International Airport, chances are, you are watching Hawkeye's birds of prey at work.



Problems Encountered

1. Large populations of birds in urban areas
2. Safety risks at the face of the landfill from gulls or even bears
3. Gulls and animals transporting waste from landfills to residential areas 
4. Geese eating grass and defecating in parks and recreation areas 
5. Physical damage to concrete and steel structures due to bird or animal feces
6. Animal health risks including rabies



Hawkeye Government Solutions

After a free inspection, we will provide a long term bird or animal control solution. Depending on the species encountered, we have many humane methods we can use:


Starlings Birds of Prey, Pyrotechnics, Capture Netting™, Scare Devices
Crows Birds of Prey (day and night), Pyrotechnics
Pigeons Birds of Prey, Live Trapping, Exclusion Products
Geese Birds of Prey, Trained Goose Dogs, Pond Wiring
Gulls Birds of Prey, Monofilament Lines, Pyrotechnics



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