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We have a special understanding of your needs as today's Real Estate Property Managers.

  • You need a solution.
  • You have a very tight budget.
  • You need a knowledgeable service company, sympathetic to the needs of your tenants, reliable and providing quick results.



Understanding the important public relations aspect of bird control is vital

We work discretely and unobtrusively, even in the most public of places! Working with property managers has become a very special part of our overall program. Our experience level is vast, working on many different types of buildings. We do not believe one product or service fits all situations. We will evaluate your particular needs, concerns, budget and provide the most economical custom solution. 



Ask about our Multi Location Discount!

By employing Hawkeye's services at all of your sites you enable our technicians to become familiar with your locations, provide the best possible customer service and pro-actively head off problems before they occur.

We will provide a free inspection and outline the most effective method for your problem. You will be provided with an alternative control plan, if applicable. This way, you will be able to compare costs as well as anticipated results.




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In Ontario, Hawkeye offers Bird control, Animal control, Wildlife removal services and products in: