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In response to his raccoon problem the owner of this home called another animal control company to deal with the raccoon. While this previous company successfully excluded the raccoon, they failed to repair the roof connections and simply left heavy duty netting to exclude larger animals.

The home owner now had to contend with pigeons, entering his attic from the opening left in disrepair, nesting and defecating on his front entrance.

When Hawkeye was called to the home, we


  • Removed a nest of pigeons; 
  • Fixed the areas of the opening & connection into the attic; 
  • Removed eaves debris; 
  • Secured the nesting area using galvanized hardware cloth.



The affected area should have been sealed properly after the raccoon had been removed. Meanwhile,  the house owner paid twice for one job to be done, instead of hiring a company who deals with birds and animals as well as the repairs of problem areas in a professional manner.


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