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Bird Slide: When heavy pressure (nesting birds) demands an exclusion system, and netting may be visually unacceptable. BirdSlide completely protects the ledge against all bird species; they simply can't get a grip and slide off the ledge. When color matched to a structure, BirdSlide usually looks like to be part of the building. Original colours are gray or beige, but it can be painted to match any color.

Product Overview

Where to use: 
Ledges, eaves, angle irons, I-Beams and most "L" shaped ledges where total exclusion is the goal.

Target Bird: 
All species: PigeonsGulls, and Geese 

We also deal with 

Bird Pressure: 
All pressure levels

Ultraviolet-stabilized polycarbonate

For ledges six inches, the flat base simply glues to any clean surface using Bird Barrier bond. For narrow ledges the fin can be trimmed down; for wider ledges an extension can be added. Bird Slide can be screwed to wood.

Easy to install and long lasting; made from UV stabilized polycarbonate, this product will be in service far longer than its five-year warranty.


Bird Removal: Bird Slide Bird Control: Bird Slide

Ledges 3" to 6" Wide: Cut the trim area at the appropriate width.

B. 6" Ledges: Use BirdSlide exactly as it comes out of the box.

C. Ledges Wider than 6": Attach these special extensions for even wider coverage.

D. BirdSlide can be installed under eaves to exclude birds.



Bird Slide Installation Examples


Bird Exclusion: Bird Slide Before Bird Slide on Ledge After Bird Slide on Ledge Before Bird Slide on Eaves After Bird Slide on Eaves
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Birdslide installed over a commercial sign
Birds were roosting and nesting on this ledge. After Bird Slide was installed, they were unable to land. Birds were roosting under the eaves of this home. BirdSlide was installed at an inverted angle, preventing the birds from making nests.

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