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The chicken or the egg theory - When it comes to removing unwanted birds it's definitely the egg!

The idea of nest removal is to not only physically remove the nest and its eggs, but to also inhibit habitual imprinting - thus preventing the return of the young and their parents to your site. Parents will return to a successful breeding site and their young will return to their birth place. This cycle must be broken in order to permanently remove the birds from your property.

 Often, after a first nest removal, the birds will re-nest. So, Nest Removal will have to be repeated a second time. After a second nest removal, the birds are most likely:

  • Physically unable to re-nest 
    (both the nest building process, as well as actually laying eggs demands a great deal of their bodies);
  • Rather disheartened and discouraged;
  • Highly motivated to move to a new and less disruptive location;
  • Unwilling to return to your location in subsequent breeding seasons.

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