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Pest Bird Pigeon: Proofing your home, condo or building

Here are some suggestions to help proof your home, structure, or business form problem pest pigeons:

Home/Residence/Single family dwelling

pigeon residentialPigeon Food: Remove all food sources, including all bird feeders. Cover grass seed when reseeding your lawn with string, or consider mixing in blood/bone meal or pelletized chicken manure fertilizer to deter them. Do not add these if you have a pet dog with access to the seeded area.  If you would like to continue to feed other birds, look for feeders covered in a cage/wire with access holes too small for pigeons to fit through. Make sure you are collecting any fallen seeds from the ground with a fitted tray that will prevent any seeds from falling to the ground for pigeons to eat.

Gutters, Downspouts: Clean out any clogged eaves, gutters or downspouts. Not only will this will protect your home from water damage, it will eliminate areas for pigeons to roost or nest.

Vents and Chimneys: Find all access holes and close them off. If you cannot safely access these areas to check, or cover, please call us to help.

Flat Roof Areas: Identify any flat, or nearly flat areas that pigeons are roosting or nesting on. These areas can be fitted with special bird deterrents to keep pigeons off of them. Visit our bird ledge protection section or call us for more information on what will work for you.

Pigeon Pest Bird proofing: High rise condo

pigeon highriseEliminate Pigeon Food Sources: Remove as many food sources that you can identify as possible. This includes bird feeders, areas being seeded with grass seed and open garbages. Discourage any direct pigeon feeding with bread or other food by residents or neighbours.

Water: Try and remove all water sources where possible. Pay attentions to any areas of standing water. This will help with your pigeon problems and also help protect against West Nile Virus.

Air conditioning: HVAC systems on the roof are at risk for damage by pigeons either roosting or nesting on top. Close up the underside, open filters and any other areas where pigeons can roost or seek shelter on/in.

Balconies: Remove all debris and junk that encourages pigeons nesting. Consider properly installed balcony bird netting to prevent pigeons from landing on balconies.


Industrial, Corporate, Government:

Industries, commercial and government agencies often have serious problems with pigeons. Factories and other large buildings can produce a lot of heat that attracts pigeons, and raised, flat roof areas provide the perfect areas for roosting and nesting, safe from most predators. Municipal infrastructure such as bridges, public statues, park structures etc. can all become pigeon habitat, with the accumulation of feces causing serious health, safety and aesthetic concerns for property managers and the public.

The solutions for industrial, corporate and government property are not always straight forward and require a professional to assess and prescribe a complex solution for a complex problem. Hawkeye is the expert in Toronto for pest bird control, with decades of experience with pigeon control and removal from every types of property.

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