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Hawkeye's Dan Frankian is recognized as a leader in Wildlife Hazard Assessment for Airports in North America. He has presented at every Birdstrike conference in the last 10 years and has spoken at the U.N.

He recently visited Orlando International Airport in Florida for talks with Johnny Metcalf, Manager, Wildlife Program at Greater Orlando Aviation Authority for discussions on Wildlife Hazard Management plans, the differences and/or similarities of Safety Standards in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and other EU countries.


SMS (Safety Management Systems)

Aviation Systems Stakeholders

  • Aviation Professionals
  • Aircraft Owners and Operators
  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Aviation Regulatory Authorities
  • Industry Trade Associations
  • Regional Air Traffic Service Providers
  • International Aviation Organizations
  • Investigative Agencies
  • The Flying Public

It is imperative to identify Aviation Systems Stakeholders in order to ensure that Stakeholders' input and knowledge regarding safety risk(s), hazards, and consequences are taken into consideration before decisions are made and implemented.


Definition of Hazard: 
Condition, object, or activity with a potential of causing injury to personnel, damage to equipment or structures, loss of materials, or inability to safely perform a prescribed function

Definition of Consequence:
Potential outcome(s) or fall-out from the Hazard 


Understanding Hazards

  1. Natural Hazards
    Natural hazards include geophysical events, such as earth quakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, etc. or geographical conditions such as adverse terrain or large bodies of water. Also included in natural hazards are environmental events, such as wildfires, wildlife activity, insect or pest infestation and public health events such as epidemics.

  2. Technical Hazards
    Technical hazards are usually deficiencies in aircraft and aircraft components, systems, subsystems, and related equipment, an organization's facilities, tools, or related equipment, or facilities, tools, related systems or equipment outside of an organization.

  3. Economic Hazards
    Economic hazards may include recession, or exorbitant cost of materials or equipment. 





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