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Specification Writing
We offer consulting services to architectural and design firms to prevent bird control issues before they become a problem. A little planning goes a long way. Many firms have found our insights into the nesting, roosting and habits of birds, advantageous. Please call our offices for a quote on consulting fees.


Bidding on a job containing bird deterrent requirements?
We will be happy to help! We are familiar with all products and bird control related services required for your bid!  We will provide subcontractor arrangements to inspect the property and provide you with the best pricing and guarantee to complement your bid. All information supplied to you will be in writing with included specifications. All areas of the work will be included - labour, materials, rental of high lift equipment, travel, and installation of the specified product.


We can provide very basic specifications, or detailed specifications. These will be for specific bird types, and include recommended control programs. Material needs are specified. We can be of assistance to work with your company!


Let's work together!




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