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Entire building may be cleaned and netted. With this method we do not necessarily require access to the unit or balcony and may perform the netting and cleaning from the outside. An advantage to property managers.

Hawkeye also provides balcony cleaning and disinfecting, nest removal services prior to installation of bird control devices. As a general rule we do not move large, heavy, or bulky objects around the balcony to perform the cleaning. Please don’t expect us to move things such as a fridge or freezer while we clean your balcony. If you have such items please notify us.


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Balcony Steam Cleaning


Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly, chemical free process by which many commercial and residential cleaning tasks can be performed. At Hawkeye, our main use of steam cleaning is for the elimination of caked on animal feces and biological fluids. Animal feces, such as that of raccoons, can be very harmful to humans, and can develop airborne eggs, that could even cause death.  This is why when cleaning feces, it is essential to be very thorough. Steam cleaning can both sanitize and disinfect at the same time, therefore eliminating any air borne allergens, mould, dirt, bacteria or viruses present.

Chemicals such as bleach can be used for the same purpose, but these sorts of products can be harmful to the environment, and to humans when used incorrectly or excessively.  These chemicals can also leave unwanted residues and chemical fumes in the area. By using just water, heat, and high pressure, steam cleaners can completely sanitize and disinfect almost any surface without the use of any chemicals.  With this efficient eco-safe process, you are transforming a natural resource into a highly powerful cleaning agent.  Whether it is your deck, porch, backyard, attic, balcony, or roof top, steam cleaning may be the most environmentally friendly option available to get the deep clean you need for this sort of mess.

Although being environmentally friendly is one of the main reasons for using steam cleaning, there are also other benefits. Steam cleaners work very quickly and efficiently, and are very easy to use.  It effortlessly dislodges built-up debris, flushing away toxins and completely eliminating any infestations as well as proactively preventing recurring infestations.  Another benefit to this method of cleaning is the versatility with which you can attack a potential problem.  The pressure and surface area coverage can be adjusted to tackle various types of messes, with high-intensity settings to tackle incrusted dirt and fecal matter and low-intensity settings for allergens and infestations. 

With this efficient method, you can also rely on the longevity and preservation of your surfaces, from harder more durable areas, to softer porous or fabric materials this system of water cleaning is safe and damage-free. Contrary to common belief, even though this method does use water, steam cleaning does not contribute to the moisture or humidity of an environment. Due to the very high temperature with which the steam cleaner is used only 5% of the steam is actually water. This allows for rapid and thorough drying of any surface and preventing any sort of deterioration. Overall, this green technology is the best method available to ensure a safe environment for both humans and animals that is both cost-effective and result driven in effectively sanitizing and restoring your surfaces.


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