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Anytime Gulls are landing on the corners or parapet of your roof you would be greatly benefitted by the Electrical Bird Shock Flex System. Customers with commercial air conditioning, commercial water cooling towers, commercial air filtration would also benefit. Customers on the residential side, particularly if they have a black or very dark coloured roof - gulls are attracted to black- a strip of the proper size flex track across the peak of the roof would keep the Seagulls away.

Large and/or long commercial pipelines, exhaust pipes or any lines near water you want to keep the seagulls off of to prevent rusting and rotting of the pipe material could benefit from the Flex Track System. The excrement from seagulls and other birds is very acidic and can rot throughout many different materials over time, destroying it and the contents.

There are several different types of bird shock flex track systems on the market that are very good deterrents to birds. some are better than other for our cold climate. Flex track systems don't work with snow and ice on them. The cold and the weight of snow and ice can damage the wires and interfere with the effectiveness of the shock. Canada’s colder climate demands a heavier duty system that isn’t affected by our winters. As with any other equipment, the Electrical Bird Shock Flex System must be inspected in the spring and fall for connections, breakage and regular maintenance. Spring will bring the heaviest bird populations compared to any other time of year.

The Electric Bird Shock Flex Track comes in different sizes and widths for different species. Small for starlings to extra large for turkey vultures and similar sized birds.


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