Hawkeye services Markham for any pest birds or animals you are experiencing. From pigeons and geese to raccoons and squirrels, Hawkeye provides residential, corporate and commercial services to address your specific problem.

With a population of just over 340,000, Markham is the fourth largest community in the GTA and is the largest municipality in York Region. Markham is made up of many different communities, including Thornhill, Unionville, Angus Glen, Mount Joy and Buttonville. Markham is currently home to 400 corporate head offices and more than 1,100 high tech and life science companies and continues to be developed. New developments are planned all over the city, and include most notably mixed retail/commercial/entertainment space on the site of the former Buttonville Airport, as well as on the site of the existing Market Village Mall. Markham is currently home to 6 large shopping malls, including King Square Shopping Mall (which has over 1000 stores) and the Pacific Mall which is the most well-known Chinese mall in the GTA.

While there are still some operating farms at the northern end of the city, Markham is also home to several theme farms, including Whittamore’s Farm, Forsyth Family Farms and Adventure Valley. Markham is one of 3 GTA cities which is home to the Rouge National Urban Park. Once fully established, this park will be the largest urban park in North America, spanning 79.1 square kilometres. There are 7 main trails in the park, where visitors may encounter all sorts of wildlife, including squirrels, beavers and maybe even coyotes. The Milne Dam Conversation Area is Markham’s largest park, with the Rouge River flowing through the middle. Trails in the MDCA are suitable for walking, jogging and cycling. Milne Park is a stop off point for many migratory birds.

Markham has a lot of flat roof style homes, larger backyards, sheds and buildings, the perfect nesting grounds for gulls and raccoons. Raccoons are a nuisance to homeowners, causing damage to buildings such as chewing holes in walls and damaging duct work, fascia, etc. Raccoon feces may be very toxic to humans, carrying diseases like roundworm, giardia and leptospirosis. Our specialists are available for all your Bird and Animal control needs.

We provide residential, commercial and industrial services. Whether it’s a raccoon under your deck or pigeons nesting on your store front, Hawkeye has you covered. At Hawkeye, we use multiple tactics to permanently and humanely resolve your problem. Under the licences that Hawkeye possesses, we can remove pest bird or animals from your location and humanely euthanize if necessary, a distinct difference in licencing permits that Hawkeye holds compared to many other animal control companies. Check out our animal or bird specific navigation on our website to find more about your pest or give us a call to book a free consultation to investigate the problem for you.


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