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Calls for Raccoon Control and Removal are among the most frequent request in Oakville. Like so many other communities along the shores of Lake Ontario, Oakville provides plenty of space and habitat for raccoons to flourish. While the masked bandits are often thought of as just a bit of a nuisance, they actually cause a great deal of damage to properties and structures, as well as pose health risks to humans and pets alike.


Residential Raccoon Damage

  • Roofs: Raccoons gaining access to attics through roof vents - leaving behind damaged shingles, vents, 
  • Refuse and compost: Raccoons are boisterous animals, making a great deal of noise when carrying out their searches for food and shelter such as when they raid garbage and compost containers in search of food. They often leave behind a considerable mess, which can attract more animals;
  • Food left outdoors: Eating food for domestic animals such as pet food and livestock feed plus feed for wildlife such as birdseed;
  • In gardens: Especially in gardens containing fruit, tomatoes, melons, berries or sweetcorn, plants are eaten, dug up, or otherwise damaged and tracks and excrement are left behind;
  • Raccoons are attracted to lawns and gardens, especially after a rainfall when grubs and larvae are near the surface. They dig small round holes and will repeatedly turn over large swathes of freshly laid sod to un-earth worms, grubs and larvae. This particular type of behaviour is common when other sources of food are less abundant. They may return repeatedly and because of the dexterity of its front paws, the extent of the damage caused by the raccoon is generally greater than skunks.

Raccoon Damage on Farms

  • Corn crops: many cobs partially nibbled, with the husks pulled back and the leaves folded downwards. Stalks may be broken as the animal tries to climb to get at the ears;
  • Raccoons are alo quite fond of fruit, able to demolish a whole berry patch in no time at all;
  • Hen houses and farmyards: The extreme dexterity of their front paws allows raccoons to kill or injure poultry even when the birds are kept inside enclosures or cages, as they try to reach and destroy them through the wire mesh. Poultry are often found with their heads torn off and left a short distance from the body. The neck and breast may be torn open and chewed and the entrails consumed. ; Legs or feet of the young birds may be missing. Pieces of flesh may be found near water. The eggs are often broken lengthwise and the materials used to make the nest are disturbed. Eggs may be removed completely from nests or eaten on the spot with only the heavily cracked shell remaining. Raccoons can also destroy bird nests in artificial nesting structures such as bluebird and wood duck nest boxes.

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