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Why Raccoon Removal?

Urban raccoons are not just a nuisance. Damaging roofs and vents to gain access to attics and other enclosed spaces, they leave behind real structural damage to your home. Raccoons are known carriers of rabies, canine distemper, raccoon parvoviralenteritis, infectious canine hepatitis, and pseudorabies - posing health risks to your family and pets. Aside from the risk of infecting your pet, if food resources are limited, raccoons will kill cats or dogs. Left unchecked, you will find yourself host to an entire raccoon family, damaging your home, rummaging through your garbage, invading your your yard, your shed, leaving excrement on your porch, or on your deck.

Hawkeye's raccoon removal specialists will remove raccoons from your Kitchener/Waterloo property  - never to return. GUARANTEED.

Why Raccoon Control?

To prevent other raccoons from simply moving into a now vacant den.

Once we have removed the raccoon(s) from your home, property, or business, we'll need to determine how and where they gained access and take care of all necessary repairs. As well, we will want to inspect your surroundings and take preventative measures to leave little or no opportunity for another raccoon family to set up camp. We will focus on your roof, vents, eaves, cut back overhanging tree branches, secure spaces under porches, etc. Any sources of food (often pet food) and water must be removed.

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Who to call for Raccoon Control & Removal in Kitchener/Waterloo? 

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control - 416.429.5939

We GUARANTEE results. We provide PERMANENT solutions above and beyond what other companies can offer.

Raccoon Control is a highly regulated field. Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control holds licenses and permits which allow us to do what others can't. ALL of our raccoon removal technicians are licensed trappers and continue their training and education on a regular basis.

Hawkeye is the ONLY pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Canada designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional" AND holding the following licenses:  

  • Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit: In contrast to all other companies, we can euthanize the bird or fur bearing animal, thus guaranteeing it will not return.
  • Falconry Permit: We use Birds of Prey (hawks, owls, falcons, eagles) to scare, chase, or remove in a natural and humane way.
  • Pest Control License:  We can employ chemical solutions to certain problems. These methods include natural pesticides.



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