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Raccoon control is an ever increasing need in Thornhill, Ontario - like in most other Toronto neighbourhoods; call Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control for GUARANTEED Raccoon Removal.

Apprehending raccoons is what we do - be it by live trap or hand capture. What sets us apart from other wildlife control companies is what happens after. Hawkeye offers options above and beyond releasing captured raccoons at the edge of your property - and watching it promptly reappear. We guarantee that your raccoon(s) will not return. 

Once we have removed a raccoon (or often a raccoon family) from your Thornhill home, property, or business, there are a number of things you can do help prevent other raccoons from moving in. The most important and obvious measures pertain to finding and repairing any access points, but also securing your waste, secure pet or livestock feed, eliminate all food and water sources. Your roof is important to look at - this is often how raccoons gain access to attics - have a look at this roof inspection checklist » Your chimney also warrants a close inspection - raccoons are learning that chimneys make very adequate substitutes for more traditional hollow trees for use as denning sites, particularly in spring.

Your deck and any crawl spaces need to be secured as well - and Hawkeye is here to help with risk assessments and repairs. Our services go beyond just raccoon control/removal - as much as we appreciate your business, we want to see you stay raccoon-free after we leave. 

Please do not attempt to deal with raccoons on your own. Improper trapping leads to trap-shy raccoons which will be that much harder to capture thereafter. Also, you'll want to be absolutely sure that you got all animals and that no babies are left behind.

Our technicians are well trained and well experienced in dealing with raccoon control and removal. Contact Hawkye today to look after your raccoon control and removal needs in Thornhill.



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