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Controlling Toronto's urban pigeon population

Guaranteed Pigeon Removal is what we do - we're here to help.

We are equipped to provide solutions for any type of bird pressure. Hawkeye is the #1 Pigeon Control & Removal Specialist in the Toronto and Greater Toronto/Golden Horseshoe areas.


What is the best solution for Pigeon Control & Removal in Toronto?

The most effective solution for Toronto pigeon control & removal is the use of trapping. This has to be started early in the year, and timing is critical. 
Hawkeye uses proprietary pigeon traps - our own design based on decades of pigeon trapping experience.

The use of falconry to control and remove pigeons is another excellent solution. Falconry can be effectively combined with other physical barriers and removal techniques for pigeon control, but only an expert will be able to deploy the solutions that are most effective. At Hawkeye, we will help you with the removal and determine the best schedule for falconry, trapping, shooting, or prevention installation. A multiple method approach generally yields the best long term results.

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Pigeon Control & Removal in Toronto

In Toronto, our pigeon issues range from pesky birds at the park to corosive pigeon feces on treasured architecture and residential high rises. Pigeon flocks nesting or roosting on a roof will seriously corrode the roofing materials, cutting its life span in half. Pigeons cause extensive damage to rooftop machinery like air conditioning units. Other economic costs include slip and fall liability, product contamination and risk to company/building reputation as buildings are seen as unclean and possible health hazards.


Health hazards associated with Pigeons

Pigeons pose a health hazard to people as they carry Salmonella and Chlamydophila psittaci, a bacteria that causes psittacosis, a serious, although rarely fatal disease for humans.


5 star google reviewsToronto Pigeon Control & Removal Methods

As part of our multi prong approach we recommend first and foremost live pigeon trapping and falconry. Falconry, in particular, will clear an area of pigeons in a hurry, and without injury to the birds. Trapping is more of a slow process and more suited to smaller flocks of pigeons. Once an area has been cleared, it's time to clean up and disinfect AND install exlusion equitment appropriate to the location. This could be balcony netting, or any of the ledge protection systems available for various bird sizes and types. 

About Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control

Hawkeye has been providing PigeonControl and Pigeon Removal Services for the City of Toronto for well over 30 years.

Founder Dan Frankian holds a Canadian commercial falconry license, a Master Falconry Permit in the State of Florida, an Ontario Fur Managers license for commercial fur and trapping nuisance wildlife as well as numerous firearms licenses, Advanced Wildlife Control Operator, Exterminator License, is Bats Standard Certified, and a Certified Urban Marksman. Dan is the ONLY CWCP (Certified Wildlife Control Professional) IN CANADA plus holding CWCP certification in the US. He is also a graduate of the Embry-Riddle Wildlife Hazard airport course. Mr. Frankian is a sought after expert on wildlife control matters and frequently speaks to the media and at conferences.

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