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By foregoing proper and safe raccoon control and removal, North York residents may well be unwittingly participating in the mass education of the masked bandits, which is resulting in their increasing domination of the urban landscape. The raccoon population has enjoyed a substantial surge over the past 80 years. They’re apparently at highest density in suburbs, but they appear to be also thriving in our cities. Raccoons have adjusted remarkably well to living alongside humans and our ever evolving methods to keep them out — perhaps because when they live with us, they seem to be learning from us.

So, then what is the solution? How do we keep raccoons at bay long term?

By calling in the Raccoon Control and Removal experts at Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control. We will remove the offending raccoon(s) from your property and ensure they WILL NOT RETURN.

Unlike almost all other Greater Toronto Area animal control operations, as a licensed furbearer trapping company we can employ raccoon control methods IN ADDITION TO relocation of captured raccoons in North York. This is why we guarantee the permanent removal of raccoons and other wildlife. Call 416.429.5393 if you're having trouble with raccoons - Hawkeye's technicians are standing by at our North York offices.

After trapping and removal of the animals, we will focus on eliminating all conditions prone to attract other raccoons. In large part, this means food and water sources. They consume anything—human trash, pet food, bird seed—and they can see at night, when garbage cans are easy to raid. We will also pay close attention to possible access points into your home. Raccoons will happily adapt to sleeping in various cozy nooks on your property, including under decks and in attics and chimneys, substituting more traditional hollows and burrows. They have nimble little hands, are smart and curious, able to open refrigerator doors, pry apart Tupperware, unzip tent zippers, or turn doorknobs.


Aside from damage to your home and property, raccoons also pose a very real threat to the health of humans and pet(s). Raccoons commonly carry rabies, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, as well as roundworm in their droppings. If you find raccoon feces please do not attempt to clean it up yourself - call us for professional clean up and disinfection.

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